Reconstructive Plastic surgery

Lower limb & foot reconstruction-microsurgery

The primary goal of surgical reconstruction of the lower extremity wound is to restore or to maintain function. Depending on the nature of causing the defect many methods from simple to most complicated are used for reconstruction. Techniques of soft tissue and bone reconstruction are often necessary to salvage lower extremities after oncologic resection. 
Furthermore  the human foot is an important part of the body in that it supports the body’s weight on standing and provides a stable interface between the body and the ground during ambulation. Its function depends on many factors that may be adversely affected by a wide variety of pathological processes and trauma.  Plastic surgeons must often treat the foot ravaged by disease or trauma. The goal of reconstruction with return to function is the standard for successful care . All patients who have undergone reconstructive foot surgery require a structured, well-planned, multi disciplined post-op care program.
Dr Spyriounis performs all shorts of operation for lower limb reconstruction including free microvascular flaps and he has published many articles in medical journals considering different techniques for lower limb reconstruction-salvage

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