Reconstructive Plastic surgery

Salvaging lower limb amputation stumps-microsurgery

The patients that have sustained lower limb amputation often face problems with the prothesis device. Frequent repetitive trauma, poor hygiene of the stump, infections are all encountered leading to long period of immobilisation. When repetitive trauma leads to ulceration of the stump then local tissue that are scarred can only help a little in reconstruction because of fragile neighbouring tissues. 
Free microvascular flaps are need to provide new well vascularised tissue. The patients have always to keep in mind that a well healed stump needs a lot of attention in order to remain so following a successful flap transplantation. Prothesis devices need to be evaluated often and to get adjusted in order to ensure protection. These are very special operative procedures and Dr. Spyriounis has long experience with such reconstructions. More information you can find in PDF publications of Dr. Spyriounis.

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