Reconstructive Plastic surgery

Head & neck-intraoral cancer. Reconstructive microsurgery

The incidence of head & neck and intraoral cancer increases as the magnitude and length of tobacco use increases. Heavy alcohol consumption is associated with a sixfold increase in aerodigestive cancer compared with that in non drinkers. 

SCC (squamous cell carcinoma ) is the most often found malignancy. The site and size of the lesion determines the treatment choice. Small lesions can be excised or irradiated with ecqual success. Stage 2 or 3 lesions require combined surgical and radiotherapy. Neck dissection is often required as well.  The resection of these tumors have a significant effect on both appearance and function. Microsurgically free tissue transfers are often utilised for reconstruction. Dr Spyriounis has extensive experience in performing free tissue transfers including free perforator flaps for head and neck reconstruction ( CV, publications)

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