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Tummy tuck abdominoplasty
During pregnancy or excessive weight gain, the skin and muscles of the anterior abdominal wall can be stretched. In some cases this leaves loose skin and fat and despite diet and exercise it can be difficult to get back to the shape you once had. In these instances surgery may be helpful.
Abdominoplasty or a «tummy tuck» is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen. It also tightens the muscles of the abdominal walls leaving a firmer, flatter abdomen and a more attractive waistline. The details of the proposed surgery vary between individuals and will be discussed at your consultation with Dr Spyriounis.
Frequently asked questions
How is the operation performed?
A horizontal incision is made along the lower abdomen inside the bikini line. The skin and fat are lifted from the muscle and placed higher to leave a tighter firmer appearance and the belly button is often re-sited so that it effectively ends up in the ‘correct’ original position.
Is a Tummy Tuck a good way to lose weight?
No. Diet and exercise are the best means of removing unwanted fat, and a healthy lifestyle is an important factor, however, some people find that no matter how careful they are with food and however hard they exercise certain areas of fat will not budge.
Can men benefit from a Tummy Tuck?
Yes, there are now many men that are also taking advantage of abdominoplasty.
Will I need to take time off work?
Yes, normally 7 -14 days is required off work and Dr Spyriounis may advise you to take more time off. Surgery is performed under general anesthesia and usually takes 3-4 hours and will require a 1-2 night stay in hospital.
Will I feel pain afterwards?
There will be some pain and discomfort for several days after the operation and pain killers and anti inflammatory medication will be prescribed. The patients usually experience an aching and ‘pulling’ sensation for a week or two and occasional ‘twinge’ for some months. Pain after surgery is variable from patient to patient and the full results may be obscured by swelling and bruising for several months which will be explained by Dr Spyriounis.
Will I have any scars?
Yes. An incision is generally made from one hip to the other along the bikini line, which could later be camouflaged by underwear. The scar for an abdominoplasty is usually placed across the lower abdomen. It can stretch from one side to the other depending on your body habitus. All surgery results in some sort of scar and all scars take time to soften and fade. You will not see the final appearance of your scar for up to a year after surgery.

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