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An over generous breast size can often be distressing and uncomfortable. Many women with overly large breasts suffer discomfort and pain, especially backache, from the weight they are carrying. 
Others can find their everyday activities restricted or experience difficulty finding clothes that they enjoy wearing. A large bust can also cause skin irritation and shoulder soreness from tight bra straps.
A cosmetic breast reduction, aims to make the breasts smaller, shapelier and better supported. Breast Reduction operation is usually done as a day case procedure but a one night stay in hospital may be necessary.
Frequently asked questions
What size can my breasts be reduced to?
Each individual case is different but during the medical consultation Dr. Spyriounis will examine you and discuss the achievable reduction in size.
Who is a good candidate for a breast reduction?
A breast reduction is usually performed for physical relief helping the patient reduce the discomfort and embarrassment caused by very large or saggy breasts rather than for purely cosmetic reasons.
Will I need to take time off work?
Breast reduction can take up to 4 hours to perform. It will be under general anaesthetic. Patients should take 7-10 days of work.
Will I feel pain afterwards?
Patients will feel sore or uncomfortable for several days after the operation. Pain killers and anti inflammatory medication will be prescribed. Patients must anticipate noticeable bruising which may persist for a number of weeks but this is normal. The results may be obscured by swelling for some time.
What will I look like after surgery?
All surgery is associated with bruising, so you should expect this for 7-10 days after your operation. Some patients remain bruised for longer and in rare cases for up to a month or more. You may start to see the results quickly but you will not see the final benefits of your surgery for many months.
Will I have any scars?
The most usual method leaves a scar that runs around the edge of the areola (surrounding the nipple) and one vertical scar. These scars do not usually show outside an ordinary bra or bikini top and will fade with time.
Who needs it?
Large breasts can be problematic both to health. They can create pain and discomfort to the shoulders neck and back. Heavy breasts can also cause skin infections, rashes and excessive sweating. A woman with large breasts will usually have difficulty participating in sporting activities which will limit her choice of fitness activities. On an emotional level, large breasted women who seriously consider breast reduction surgery are often self conscious about their bodies. Furthermore, it is proved that mammography is more difficult to detect breast cancer in large breasts.
What happens?
Breast reduction surgery is done under a general anaesthetic and will take approximately 3-4 hours. Once the anaesthetic wears off you’ll be given pain killers and may also be prescribed antibiotics. You should anticipate being in the clinic for a couple of days, (so you should bring a supportive but soft bra with you to wear afterwards). Dr. Spyriounis will advise you on issues such as movement, hygiene, diet and exercise before you leave the clinic. If you have absorbable stitches, these will be gone within two weeks, but ordinary stitches will probably be removed within a week (about the same time the support dressing that was placed over your breasts is removed – but you be advised to wear a support bra for up to 6 weeks post-surgery).
Does the surgery carry any risks?
Although there are general risks associated with any type of surgery, complications are rare. It’s wise though, to be aware of the possible problems that can occur – which Dr. Spyriounis will be happy to talk you through in greater detail.
Will the breast reduction be immediately apparent?
Although your breasts will feel lighter and look smaller, it could be a few months before they take on their new shape.

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