Aesthetic plastic surgery

Breast lift mastopexy

The shape and size of the female breast can, as the years go on, undergo considerable change. Hormone-related fluctuation in the monthly cycle, pregnancy and breast-feeding as well as gravitational influences represent major contributor. 
Breast tissue atrophy and subsequent breast ptosis ensue. A mastopexy procedure is the solution to this problem offering both nipple-breast gland uplift and breast reshaping as well. Thus some form of breast autologus augmentation is achieved. The size and shape of the breast are formed as discussed together with the patient prior to the operation.
A big and heavy breast can be a static and orthopedic problem leading to severe back pain. A breast that has lost its shape and volume due to pregnancy, breastfeeding and ageing and that has become saggy however is mainly reshaped because of aesthetic reasons. Techniques for breast reduction vary a lot, but they all have in common an incision around the areola. In most cases the incision extends downward to the crease beneath the breast and sometimes, when a big amount of tissue and skin has to be removed, the incision follows this crease. The nipple is moved upward. In a breast uplift, breast tissue is not removed, but loose and excess of skin. The reduction of breast volume and weight however requires the excision of breast tissue as well. Tightening of the skin is necessary to shape the breast
Do I have to stay in hospital, what form of anesthetics is used?
When will I be back to normal?
What are the potential risks and complications?
How long does the procedure take and what are the costs?
What dressings will I have afterwards and when will it be removed?
Do I have a lot of pain afterwards?
Do I have to stay in hospital, what form of anaesthetics is used?
The operation is performed under general anaesthetics. The patient leaves the hospital some hours later.
When will I be back to normal?
Bruising and most of the swelling will be gone after 2  weeks.
You should not do any physical exercises for 4 weeks (like jogging, aerobic..)
What are the potential risks and complications?
You will have bruising and swelling that goes down 10 to 14 days. Your breast and nipple will feel a little numb. It takes some weeks until the sensation comes back again. In rare cases, the sensation does not recover completely. A slight asymmetry or  the scar might have to be corrected some months after surgery ( which is usually a minor procedure performed under local anaesthetics). Usually the ability of breastfeeding remains unaffected
How long does the procedure take ?
A breasts uplift or a breast reduction takes between 3 – 4 hours.
What dressings will I have afterwards and when will it be removed?
Drains (tubes), if used,  that collect blood and fluids will be removed after 1 day. A special bra that will be put on after the operation has to be worn for 6 weeks.
Do I have a lot of pain afterwards?
There is usually only little pain after a breast reduction, but you will feel some tightness and discomfort in your chest that generally disappears in 2 – 3 days.
Important information for the time after surgery
• sleep only on your back (that should be slightly raised)
• don`t touch or remove the dressing
• take 5-7 days off work
• no sports or heavy physical work for 4 weeks, also no direct sun on the breast
• try not to smoke for two weeks before and after the operation
• don`t forget to take the drugs prescribed by us (usually an antibiontic and a pain-killer)
• healthy food (vitamines) and arnica supports the healing process
• you have to wear a special bra continuously for 6 weeks, removing only when having a shower.

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