Aesthetic plastic surgery

Bot-Tox / Fillers

Wrinkles are the tracks of time which have been left in the face by life. The extent to which they are prominent in the skin is dictated by a number of different factors: UV-radiation, environmental influences,
 our diet, facial activity, the structural quality and features of our tissue, sleeping patterns, etc…
These days, we have a whole range of possibilities when it comes to wiping out these tracks. Wrinkles becomes considerably less noticeable, or indeed, disappear altogether, the skin looks younger, tauter and healthier. The level of success of the treatment will depend on the following factors. The depth of the wrinkles, the location of the wrinkles (forehead, mouth, etc.), the structural quality of the skin, age, lifestyle, the degree of care and attention we devote to our skin and the actual therapy which is ultimately applied.

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