Orbital Ophthalmic Plastic

Orbital,Ophthalmic Plastic &Reconstructive Surgery

The Oculoplastic surgeons specializein cosmetic and reconstructive procedures designed to improve the appearance and function of the eyelids and face and help patients look and feel ''natural again''.
The department is run by an American Board Certified Oculoplastic surgeon who is one of very feww members of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery that practice in Europe.
Oculofacial problems  
-Reconstructive eyelid syrgery
-Congenital defects
-Abnormal,excessive tearing
-Anophthalmic socket and other problems of the eye:eye cancer, pain or trauma requiring removal of the eye
-Facial,eyelid,or eye socket trauma:fractures and lacerations
-Orbital disease:orbital tumors,Graves disease/thyroid eye disease,orbital inflammation/infection
-Facial squeezing disorders(Blepharospasm,hemificial spasm,Meige syndrome,aberrant regeneration)
Aesthetic Rejuvenation
Non surgical Methods:
-Botulinum Toxin
Fillers(Hyaluronic Acid,Lipofilling)
Surgical Methods:
-Eyelid surgery(blepharoplasty,eyebrow lift,midface lift)

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