Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery

Athens Vision Eye Institute is a center of Excellence in cataract surgery. The procedures are usually brief and convenient to the patient and his family.
 During   the comprehensive eye exam before the surgery, the front and back corneal surfaces are measured in order to augment the visual result of cataract sugery incorporating the best possible intraocular lenses according to the patient's unique eye morphology and needs. The patient will have the option to choose (with the help of our experienced staff)among a large variety of intraocular lenses that may offer particular advanteges as to their material properties, shape, asphericity and toricity.
During the surgery, the family may observe the surgical  procedure through the surgeon's microscope in real time conveniently projected in the adjacent observatory suite and our dedicated staff will explain to the family how the procedure is progressing.
After surgery the patient will receive written instructions as well as all the necessary eye drops that he or she will have to use for a few weeks from our dedicated surgical advisor. The patient will leave the Institute within a few hours with the eye open and the eyesight restored.   

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