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Vouliagmeni Lake

Too good to be true.         

Very close to the city center, there is a monument of nature, with thermal waters coming out from springs up to 100 meters deep, surrounded by rocks and pine trees.

That place is the legendary Lake Vouliagmeni. A natural oval-shaped swimming pool, with the entrance to a 3,125 meters long underwater cave opened in its bottom. 

But magic is not running out to its crystal clear, marvelous, healing waters. Its special charm is so enchanting that besides the wellness, rejuvenation and stimulation you get and its famous fish spa, if you visit the place in the morning…it drives you to wish to spend the whole day there!

And the options are countless: swimming in crystal clear water, with a constant temperature between 22 and 29°C all year long, hiking, biking, yoga and Pilates classes, walking in the pine forest, and of course, refreshing cocktails right at its wonderful shores and tasty, light dishes at any time at its restaurant. The Restaurant, except the environment and flavors offered, is an ideal place for your evening outings and fun until the very early hours.


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Vouliagmeni Lake