Treatment Types

Hair Transplantation

Using the most modern techniques and in collaboration with the most renowned experts we provide great expectations tretment.
Treatment, wich is supported by plastic surgeon specialist prossesing great experience in hair transplatation as well as in all relevant techniques and modern equipment such as the pore-opening and follicular unit placement microscope and NeoGraft for the automated F.U.E technique,wich is suture and incision free. 
The success of a surgical procedure is guaranteed  only by the right choise of a specialized doctor,who can provide correct,honest and scientific advice.
For that reason we study each case individually and inform the patient by answerring the following  fundamental questions :
Are you eligible or not for hair trasplantation surgery and why?
Do you have the right age,or do you ned to wait?
Which technique is ideal in your case and why?
How many grafts can be placed in your case?
And afterwards:
We construct Preplan of  Future Progression.
We design the new hairline,based on teh quality of the donor areaand the size of the bald surface.  

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