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Eye Care -Ophthalmology

-Comprehensive Opthalmology
-Cornea&External Ocular Disease
-Retina &Vitreous
-Pediatric Ophthalmology&Strabismus
-Ophthalmic Genetics
-Optometry and Contact Lens Service
-Low Vision and Visual Rehabilitation Service
-Operating rooms equipped with Hepa filters preventing the spread of airborne bacterial and viral organism.
-Sterility Assurance Level(SAL) of 10-6,the highest standard of care for patients.
-Use of the fastest, strongest and most precise 8th generation Schwind Excimer Laser Amaris which is the
 ''Total T ech Laser''.
-For cataracts patients  our doctors implant the innovative IOLS that can provide patients with enchanced image quality and a full range of vision-near, far and everywhere in-between-for reduced dependence on reading glasses or bifocals. 
-In terms of Glaucoma, trained physicians use cutting edge technology to diagnose glaucoma and to document the stage of the disease in affected individuals sothat appropriate follow-up can be established.
Susgigal treatment is tailored to each and every individual according to the type of glaucoma, the age and the stage of disease so that outcomes are maximized and complications are minimized.
-Orbital, Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive surgery offers the latest advances in the medical and surgical treatment of the diseases of the eyelids, the lacrimal system and the orbit. The most complex cases including trauma, thyroid eye disease, tumors, infections, tearing and eyelid malpositions are dealt with the highest possible medical standards using state of the art facilities and equipment providing fast rehabilitation. At the same time, Aesthetic Ophthalmology offers the latest advances in periorbital and facial rejuvenation utilizing modern invasive and minimally invasive techniques. 

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Travel Insurance

Medical Travel Insurance

Through our insurance agency in cooperation with the bigest Insurance Copmanies, we can offer integrate insurance coverage.
-Compensation in case of unforseeing circumstances such as trip cancellation, flight cancellation and delays, loss of luggage.
-Travellers personal liability protection.
-Compensation in case of loss of life due to accident.
-Legal support.
Travel Safety

Medical Travel Safety

Through a dynamic program you can create your own personal health care plan gaining immediate access to premium health care services wherever and whenever the needs arises. The program can operate either as an autonomous healthcare plan or an appendage of other insurance program.
Always in cooperation with the best hospitals and diagnostic centers with access to the most specialized and technologically advanced equipment.

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