Greece Vacations

A vacation package to Greece offers a blend of adventure, culture and history. Beyond the Acropolis and the Archaeological Museum is a vibrant, modern city with exquisite Greece hotels, shops in Kolonaki, and cafés in the Plaka district. Sample the Greek fondness for friends and food in Athens or the Greek isles. With so much to see and do Greece offers up a truly remarkable experience unique in character and landscape.

Most Popular Things to Do in Greece

Cruise by hydrofoil and spend a day on the island of Hydra Glimpse the Archaeological Museum and the Parthenon Relax at a taverna and enjoy Greek foods like spanakopita and baklava Drive along the coastal road to visit the ancient ruins of Mycenae Visit the ancient town of Corinth, where St. Paul lived and preached

Greece summer holidays

A holiday in Greece conjures up images of idyllic islands, long sandy beaches, sun-bleached ruins and turquoise blue sea. But with miles and miles of mainland coastline and over 1,000 islands (no one is really sure how many there are – even those numbers vary), of which 227 are inhabited, how do you find the ideal holiday destination?

Why visit greece?

 Is it the history that draws us to Greece? The land that has given us the Acropolisand Delphi and Olympia has been attracting tourists for 200 years since the days of Lord Elgin. Could it be the Greek IslandsMykonosSantoriniCrete,ParosNaxos and Rhodes with their beautiful beaches, restaurants, nightlife and archaeological sites have been popular for decades. Or lesser known islands like SifnosLesvosKea that have always been attractive to those looking for a more quiet escape.

Travelling to Greece

Each year Greece welcomes visitors from all over the world. In summer of course tourist movement soars as the Greek sun is synonymous with freedom and a carefree lifestyle, yet the country’s mild climate and many attractions, along with its excellent infrastructure, have made Greece a favourite destination in winter too. 

Athens Concert Hall

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