Greek Philoxenia
Blue Aegean
Morning rest in Aegean

Greek Philoxenia
Blue Aegean
Morning rest in Aegean
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Fish Spa Swimming Sports

Your personal cosmetician waits for you in the waters of the lake! Here lives the fish species Garra Rufa, otherwise known as Doctor Fish or Fish spa, which makes peeling to your hands and feet while you relax!

The small fishes of the Garra Rufa clean the skin from dead cells and remove the outer peel of the skin while performing a relaxing massage.     

At the end of the treatment the sense of wellbeing and relaxation is unique and your skin is incredibly soft, refreshed, healthy and bright!


SWIMMING :         
The lake water comes out from springs between 50 and 100 deep. The temperature remains constant between 22oC and 29oC. It is estimated that the lake level is 50cm higher than the sea level and thus overflows into the sea, so the water is constantly renewed from the thermal springs.

Enjoy the Benefits of Thermal Waters   
If you suffer from some kind of orthopedic or rheumatic disease, such as neuritis and polyneuropathy or from musculoskeletal pains, due to your work or traumas, you should take advantage of the benefits provided by this unique lake.


Whether you want to have your daily outdoor training or experience a walk under the pine trees and among the impressive rocks, the Lake offers you this and even more.

 In a fully ecologic environment you can participate to moderate exercise weekly classes, such as yoga and Pilates. Forget about stress, feel relaxed and wellbeing after each session. Your body deserves being revitalized and      the combination of moderate physical exercise and mental relief in such a relaxing and healthy environment helps you reaching it.

For your convenience, we also organize sports, experiential and artistic activities for adults and children. If you wish to have an overall view of the near coast, take a walk on Faskomilia cliff, which has a very gentle slope and ensures you a magnificent view to the Gulf of Vouliagmeni, the Lake and nearby Varkiza.

Yoga / Pilates    Run the Lake

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Travel Insurance

Medical Travel Insurance

Through our insurance agency in cooperation with the bigest Insurance Copmanies, we can offer integrate insurance coverage.
-Compensation in case of unforseeing circumstances such as trip cancellation, flight cancellation and delays, loss of luggage.
-Travellers personal liability protection.
-Compensation in case of loss of life due to accident.
-Legal support.
Travel Safety

Medical Travel Safety

Through a dynamic program you can create your own personal health care plan gaining immediate access to premium health care services wherever and whenever the needs arises. The program can operate either as an autonomous healthcare plan or an appendage of other insurance program.
Always in cooperation with the best hospitals and diagnostic centers with access to the most specialized and technologically advanced equipment.

Vouliagmeni Lake